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Places to Visit in Moga

People from all around the world come every year to visit this great Punjabi district. There are a number of religious and historical Gurdwaras (Sikh Temples). Some of the notable ones are Dina Sahib, Lopon and Takhtupura. Moga is proud to feature the Factory of Nestle. This international brand has its food processing plant in this district. There are also various parks and recreational centers. Some of them are- Nehru Park, Kashmiri Park, and Shahidi Park. These parks are decorated beautifully with trees and they add to the aesthetic value of this district of Punjab.

Famous Tourist Spots in Moga

The district boasts of being the birth place of the infamous freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai. Having the majority people as Sikh, the district also has umpteen gorgeous Gurudwaras. Agriculture being the dominant industry, the place is picturesque as well are the most sumptuous a feast for the eyes. Below are some of the main places not to miss while visiting Moga:

Ajitwal Village

The village is located on the outskirts of Ferozepur-Ludhiana Road. The name of this village is based on the famous prophet of Islam, Ajit Khan. In the medieval times he used to dwell in this district. People of Moga also believe that this place is blessed by two of his brothers; Bhai Sahib Chand and Bhai Karam Chand. In the name of Bhai Sahib Chand, this village has a Gurudwara. A lot of Sikh disciples come here every day to perform prayer and other rituals. There is also a famous mosque in this village.

Geeta Bhawan

Places to visit in Moga

It is a beautifully crafted temple located on the outskirts of Kashmiri Park. People who come to see this park must visit this temple. The temple is just at a walking distance from the park. The temple trust runs a school in Moga named the Geeta Bhawan Public school. The temple has detailed mosaic works. Geeta Bhawan is famous for hosting the presence of Swamiji. The main attractions of the place are the mirror mosaic red work and that it is the residence of the Swami VaidanantandJi Maharaj.

Nanaksar Sahib Gurudwara

This religious establishment of Sikhs is located on the Takhtupura village. The Gurudwara has a glorious history as many distinctive Sikh gurus have visited this place. People of Moga have a strong belief that Guru Gobind Singh, Guru Hargobind Singh and Guru Nanak Dev have come in Nanaksar Sahib and blessed their devotees. The place also has a blissful sarovar, named Nanaksar Sarovar. There are shrines built dedicatedly for each Sikh Guru.

Gurudwara Gurusar

Tourist Spot Moga

This Sikh temple is located in Lopon village area. This village is situated on the south-eastern side of Moga. Guru Hargobind Singh visited this place. This is a sacred place for Sikh people. The Gurudwara is open for visitors. People from all over the world can come and visit this place. There are no boundaries for people from other religions. This Gurudwara welcomes all religions of the world.

Lohgarh Sahib Gurudwara (or Dina Sahib Gurudwara)

Lohgarh Sahib Gurudwara is also known as Dina Sahib Gurudwara. It is located in the Dina Village in the district of Moga. It is a major Sikh temple in Moga. People of Dina Village believe that Guru Gobind Singh, on his journey towards Muktsar, paid a visit to this Gurudwara. The Dina Sahib Gurudwara is constructed in the fond memory of Guru Gobind Singh for Guruji abandoned his blue dress at this very place.

Gurudwara Daroli Bhai

This Gurudwara is located on the far western side of Moga. It is a local legend that the plot on where the Gurudwara was erected was once presented to a dancer. Her name was Daroli Bai. Mughals gifted the plot to her as a Jagir.

Nestle Moga

Nestle Factory in Moga

This internationally acclaimed factory is a food-processing factory which is one of its kinds in the entire Northern India. It is quite huge and beautifully designed and simply captures ones attention.

Adani Agri Logistics

Tourist Place in Moga

Adani Agri Logistics is located on the Ferozpur National highway in Moga. This place is a huge storage industry for safeguarding and protecting food grains. In this regard the Adani group has established 7 field and base depots distributed all over India. The food grains are kept fresh with the help of state-of-the-art technology and thorough planning. Thereafter, these food grains are transferred to the different field depots spread throughout the country. The IT enabled and fully integrated operations also ensure that there is no failure in the quantity and quality of the food grains.


Park in Moga

There are 3 major parks in Moga district including the Kashmir Park and the Shahidi Park. These parks are well maintained and have a variety of options for the entertainment of both kids and adults.
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Guru Nanakdevji as well as Guru Gobindsinghji visited a lot of places here in this district and one of them is Takhtupura. Since then, this place has become one of the major attractions of Moga. There are about three Gurdwaras here in this place so the visitors coming to visit this place will have a great time if they are looking for tourist spots in Moga.

Another feature of this place is that, every year a maghimela is conducted here in this city and it remains for three consecutive days for the tourists. Besides, there are some big conferences that are being held by the various political parties here in Punjab as soon as the Maghi Mela ends. This place is about three kms away from the famous Bilaspur on Moga - Barnala road.

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