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PNB Branches in Moga

Punjab National Bank Branches in Moga

Be it a businessman, teacher, engineer, doctor or a normal office employee, everyone needs security for their money. In order to protect your money in safe hands, a reputable bank is the best option for you. Among all the other nationalized banks in India, the Punjab National Bank in the Moga district is also a reputable one. Here's the list: 

List of Punjab National Bank Branches in Moga

The article features the list of all the Punjab National Bank branches located in the Moga district:

  1. Branch: Pratap Singh Road
    Address: Pratap Singh Road,
    Moga, Pin code- 142001
    Phone number: 01636-236003

  2. Branch: Fatehgarh Panjtoor
    Address: Vill and PO Fatehgarh Panjtoor,
    Moga, Pin code- 142051
    Phone number: 01682-269134

  3. Branch: Butter
    Address: Vill and PO Butter District,
    Moga, Pin code- 142040
    Phone number: 01636-288070

  4. Branch: Badhni Kalan
    Address: Vill and PO Badhni Kalan Dist,
    Moga, Pin code- 142037
    Phone number: 01636-250051

  5. Branch: Currency Chest Partap Road
    Address: Partap rd Moga

  6. Branch: G. T. Road
    Address: G.T. Road, Moga
    Phone number: 01636-233564

  7. Branch: Khosa Randhir
    Address: Vill and PO Khosa Randhir Singh,
    Moga, Punjab
    Phone number: 01682-24655

  8. Branch: Vairoke
    Address: Nr Bus Stand Teh Bagha Purana,
    Moga, Punjab, Pin code- 142138
    Phone number: 01636-240425

  9. Branch: Firozpur Road
    Address: Firozpur Road, Moga,
    Punjab, Pin code- 142001
    Phone number: 01636394384
    and 01636291843

  10. Branch: Manawan
    Address: VPO Manawan Moga,
    Punjab, Pin code- 152028
    Phone number: 01682-248050

  11. Branch: Ghalkalan
    Address: Vill and Ghal Kalan, Moga, Punjab
    Phone number: 01636-265684

  12. Branch: Nestle India Limited
    Address: Nestle Private Limited,
    Moga, Punjab, Pin code- 142001
    Phone number: 01636-236003

  13. Branch: Back Office Moga
    Address: P S road, Moga,
    Punjab, Pin code- 142001
    Phone number: 01636222551
    and 09501023250

  14. Branch: Dharamkot
    Address: Dharamkot, Moga,
    Punjab, Pin code- 142042
    Phone number: 01682-220054

  15. Branch: Retail Hub
    Address: Partap rd,
    Moga, Pin code- 142001
    Phone number: 9855063601

  16. Branch: Dhudike
    Address: Vill Dhudike,
    Moga, Pin code- 142053
    Phone number: 01636-269034

  17. Branch: Nihal Singh Wala
    Address: Nihal Singh Wala,
    Moga, Pin code- 142055
    Phone number: 01636-254182

  18. Branch: Saidoke
    Address: Vill and PO Saidoke, Moga
    Phone number: 01636-259555

  19. Branch: Samalsar
    Address: Samalsar, Moga

  20. Branch: D. M. College
    Address: D. M. College, Moga, Ferozpur
    Phone number: 01636-221329

  21. Branch: Lopon
    Address: Vill and PO Lopon, Moga
    Phone number: 01612550256

  22. Branch: Kot Ise Khan
    Address: Moga rd, nr Dana mandi,
    Kot Ise Khan, Moga

  23. Branch: Manuke
    Address: Vill & PO Manuke, Moga

  24. Branch: Mahala Singh Kotkapura road
    Address: Kotkapura rd, Moga

  25. Branch: Kishanpura Kalan
    Address: Kishan Pura Kalan,
    Moga district, Punjab

  26. Branch: Vairoke
    Address: VPO Vairoke,
    Moga, Pin code- 142049
    Phone number: 081462-62500

  27. Branch: Raoke Kalan
    Address: Vill and PO Raoke Kalan,
    Moga district, Punjab
    Phone number: 01612550256

  28. Branch: Amirkhas
    Address: Vill and PO Amirkhas
    Tehsil Jalalabad West,
    Ferozepur, Moga Dist,
    Punjab, Pin code- 142053
    Phone number: 01638250394   

All the 28 branches of Punjab National Bank in Moga mentioned above serve its residents with all kinds of banking services including the corporate banking, international banking, personal banking, agricultural banking, financial services, social banking and internet banking etc. Thus, get yourself registered with the nearest PNB branch in Moga which is located in your locality.

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