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Trains from Moga

Trains in Moga

Moga Junction can be distinguished as a very important junction in the northern India. Although, there may not be many trains originating from Moga, yet the railway station of Moga is abuzz with activity because people avail the passing trains to reach places either close or far.

As one of the very important amenities, the Government in Moga has been able to provide to the people the necessary transportation they require. The train journeys have been made comfortable, convenient, safe and reliable. In the absence of an airport in Moga, it is a very important mode of transportation for the people of Moga.

Given below is the overview of the various trains that ply from Moga connecting important places.

Trains from Moga to Mumbai

Countless people make the journey from Moga to Mumbai for varied purposes which could be business related, leisure or any other.
There are no direct trains from Moga to Mumbai. But if one has to reach Mumbai from Moga then, the best route could be to take a train to Jaipur which is the Asr Jaipur Express which takes one from Moga to Jaipur and then there are trains, buses and flights connecting to the final destination Mumbai.

Trains from Moga to Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India is very well connected to Moga. It is the only major city in the country that has a direct train from Moga. The importance of New Delhi in terms of its political significance, as a commercial hub and also as an amazing tourist destination cannot be disputed at all.
From Moga to New Delhi, there is a direct train- the Ndls Shatabdi 12044 which departs at 3 in the afternoon and covers the distance in the time span of 7 hours and 10 minutes to reach Delhi in 22:10. The ticket price for this train is rupees 481.

Trains from Moga to Howrah

There are no direct trains plying from Moga to Howrah. The nearest stations of Moga from where trains can be availed to Howrah are Ludhiana Junction which is about 66 kilometers from Moga. Or one could travel 70 kilometers from Moga and reach Jalandhar City from where there are trains leading to Howrah. 72 kilometers away from Moga is Bhatinda which could be an access point to catch trains to Howrah. The known trains that ply from these given regions to Howrah are Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Janshatabdi, Garibrath, Duronto and other special Tourism Trains.

Trains from Moga to Chennai

Chennai is the jewel of South India. Paving the way to other southern cities and regions, the railway station at Chennai, Chennai Central is a picture of bustling activity where trains connect the people from the other parts of the nation.

There is unavailability of trains between Moga and Chennai. But people can make the journey from Moga to Chennai by taking the train, 12044 NDLS Shatabdi to New Delhi and then take a train to Chennai from Delhi. The total fare to reach from Moga to Chennai through this route will take 1130 rupees.

Alternatively, one could take the ASR Ajmer Express to Jaipur which departs from Moga at 5:56 PM and arrives at Jaipur at 7:30 the next day. The train ticket is priced at rupees 315. From Jaipur, there are trains which could take you to Chennai Central.

Another route that one could take to reach Chennai from Moga is to take the Ajmer ASR Express to Ludhiana and then to Delhi from where one can take trains to reach Chennai.

Trains from Moga to Chandigarh

Chandigarh is known to be the capitals for both the states of Punjab and Haryana. The Chandigarh railway station can be found in the Northern Railway Zone of Indian Railways. From Chandigarh, there is connectivity to all the other parts of the country.

The Ferozepur- Chandigarh- Ferozepur Superfast Express which began as a special train has been made permanent which halts at Moga.

Local Trains from Moga

Here is a list of Local trains from Moga:

  • Moga to Bandikul
    The Asr Jaipur Express origins at Moga which departs at 17:56 and reaches Bandikul Junction at about 5:40.
  • Moga to Ludhiana
    The Jaipur ASR Express and Ndls Shatabdi both take the Ludhiana route. While the Jaipur ASR Express departs at 10:33 to reach Ludhiana Junction at 12:15, the Ndls Shatabdi makes one reach Ludhiana Junction at 16:15 taking about 1 hour 15 minutes for the journey. There is also the Firozpur - Ludhiana Passenger and Firozpur Ludhiana Sutlej Express which takes one from Firozpur Cantonment to Ludhiana Junction.
  • Moga to Raigarh
    The Asr Jaipur Express originating at Moga at 17:56 takes to the destination Raigarh at 5:08.
  • Moga to Charkhi Dadri
    To reach Charkhi Dadri, one has to take the Asr Jaipur Express which leaves Moga at 17:56 and reaches Charkhi Dadri by 2:33 in the afternoon.
  • Moga to Sirsa
    The ever important Asr Jaipur Express takes to Sirsa by 23:30 in the night.
  • Moga to Rohtak
    To reach Rohtak, make sure you board the Ndls Shatabdi which departs at 15:00 and reaches Rohtak Junction by 20:32.
  • Moga to Firozpur
    One can reach the Ferozpur Cantonment by 19:20 in Asr Jaipur Express.
  • Moga to Rewari
    The Asr Jaipur Express arrives at Rewari at 3:33 in the afternoon.
  • Moga to Khairthal
    Khairthal is accessible from Moga by the Asr Jaipur Express and reaches the spot by 4:14 in the evening.

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