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Weekend Getaways from Moga

Moga is the 17th district of Punjab. This place is enriched with many Sikh Temples called Gurudwaras. Tourists from all around the world also get to enjoy the heritage of Sikh culture once they visit Moga. The place is blessed by many distinctive Sikh Gurus including Guru Govind Singh, Guru Nanak and Guru Hargobind Singh. Moga also features Nestle, which is one of the renowned food processing plants in the world.

If you are visiting Moga for the first time, don’t waste your useful time in lazing around your hotel. Rather, move out and explore some nice places. Here are some of the places nearby Moga that will definitely give you an awesome experience.
  • Nakodar
  • Ferozepur
  • Barnala
  • Jandiala
  • Patti
  • Patiala
  • Jalandhar
  • Ludhiana

Nakodar from Moga

Distance from Moga: 53.6 km

Nakodar is almost 1 hour journey from Moga. If the traffic is not that bad, it will take you just 50 minutes to reach the place from Moga. Nakodar is a city and municipal council under the district of Jalandhar.

Nakodar from Moga

How to reach Nakodar from Moga

Nakodar and Moga is well-connected by roads. You can hire a taxi or a private car and get to Nakodar easily. There is also bus service from Moga to Jalandhar. All bus routes to Jalandhar go through Nakodar and you can easily get there in an hour’s bus journey. It can take 30 minutes more if the traffic condition is bad.

Ferozepur from Moga

Distance from Moga: 59.0 km

The distance you need to travel from Moga to Ferozepur is 59 km. The distance can be easily covered within 1 hour or less depending upon the current traffic condition. The time may increase to 15/20 minutes more if the traffic is slow.  Ferozepur is an old city situated on the banks of River Sutlej.

Ferozepur from Moga

How to reach Ferozepur from Moga

The shortest route to Ferozepur is by the Ferozepur Road. It is just an hour’s drive to the city from Moga. The Ferozepur Road is also known as NH 95. However, there are two more routes that connect Ferozepur to Moga. You can take the Kotkapura-Moga Road or Jhatra Road and State Highway No. 20. Both the routes takes a lot more time than the Ferozepur Road route.

Barnala from Moga

Distance from Moga: 69.3 km

The distance from Moga to Barnala is 69.3 km. In a normal traffic condition you can reach Barnala within 1 hr. 10 min. It may take you 15 or 20 minutes more if the traffic is really slow due to the presence of heavy weight vehicles. Barnala is famous for its textile market.

Barnala from Moga

How to reach Barnala from Moga

The best way to reach Barnala is taking the NH 71 and it is only a 1 hr. 10 min ride. Barnala is also well connected with Moga by two other routes, one is Kotkapura – Moga Rd and the other is State Highway 51 which is also known as Ludhiana Moga Road. These two routes can take 1 and half hour of travel. Bus and cab service is available for all the routes.

Jandiala from Moga

Distance from Moga: 69.1 km

Jandiala is a big village which is situated in the district of Jalandhar. Another name for this village is Jandiala Manjki. It is a biggest village in this area as compared to other surrounding villages. The place is well-connected with Moga. It is only a 1 hr. 11 min ride from Moga. If the traffic is smooth, you can reach there within 1 hr. 10 min.

How to reach Jandiala from Moga

From Moga, it is best to take the NH 71 in order to reach Jandiala. It is about 1 hr. 11 min. ride if the traffic is normal. Give yourself 10 or 15 minutes more if the traffic is slow. It is the national highway so traffic disruption is least expected. Jandiala is also connected with Moga by the Jalandhar Road and the Ludhiana road.

Patti from Moga

Distance from Moga: 65 km

Patti is a small city under the Tarn Taran district. Patti is only 45 km away from Amritsar. The place is 65 km away from Moga and it is a 1 hr. 10 min drive if you take a cab. If the traffic is not that bad, you will reach the place within an hour or so.

Patti from Moga

How to reach Patti from Moga

Patti is well-connected with Moga via the State Highway 19. It is the shortest route to Patti. You can also reach the place though the Jhatra Road and NH 15 else you can also take the Firozpur –Moga Road and then NH 15 to reach Patti.

Patiala from Moga

Distance from Moga: 148.8 km

Patiala is located in the southeastern area of Punjab. This city is the 4th largest state in Punjab. It is also the administrative capital of the Patiala district. The city was founded in 1763 by Baba Ala Singh. If you go by road, it will take you about two and a half hour from Moga.

How to reach Patiala from Moga

Patiala is connected via Maler Kotla Road from Moga. It is approximately two hours and thirty five minutes drive from Moga without taking the traffic condition into account. You can expect a maximum duration of 3 hours if the traffic is slow.

Jalandhar from Moga

Distance from Moga: 77.9 km

Jalandhar is famous for manufacturing sports goods of international standards. It is the oldest city of Punjab. In the recent years the city has undergone rapid urbanization process. It will take you 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Jalandhar from Moga.

Jalandhar from Moga

How to reach Jalandhar from Moga

Jalandhar is well-connected with Moga via the NH 71 road. It is also known as Jalandhar-Nakodar Road. It is only 1 hour 15 minutes ride from Moga without any traffic.

Ludhiana from Moga

Distance from Moga: 70.5 km

Ludhiana is the largest city in the state of Punjab. The place is famous from Sri Dukhniwaran Sahib Gurudwara, Lodhi Fort, Clock Tower and many more other attractions. It is only 1 hour 8 minutes ride from Moga in normal traffic condition.

How to reach Ludhiana from Moga

Ludhiana is connected via NH 95 with Moga. National Highway 95 is also known as Ludhiana Road. You can also take the State Highway 20 to reach Ludhiana as it is an alternative route.

The aforementioned places prove to be the perfect weekend getaways for the residents of Moga who want to spend their weekends away from home.

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