Transport in Moga

Covering an area of about 2201 square kilometers, the populace of Moga has been making use of all the existing facilities to make for their easy transport within the city, district and to nearby areas.
There are the local buses operated by the Government and private carriers too which ply and connect intercity. Through the trains that pass by Moga, one can access the city and this way one can reach Moga from any corner of the country.

Transport in Moga

However, within the city the most preferred way of getting to places are the auto rickshaws which take the common people to their destinations. Vehicular transport also includes privately run cars and cabs which are hired either on hourly basis or for the day by tourists for sightseeing in and around the city. There are various travel agencies present in the district that allows the bookings of such commute very easily. It can also be done through the hotels that you are staying in.

Bus Service in Moga

Buses make for an efficient transport system to connect Moga with areas around it. A lot of buses ply between Moga and various adjoining districts. Some of the travel agencies that function in the area and have been able to provide bus services between important regions connecting them for passengers are Libra Travels and the Jujhar Travels. The routes that they cover include all nearby areas like Chandigarh, Muktsar, Abhore, Faridkot, Ferozepur, Kotkapura, Ludhiana, Malad, Malout and Talwandi. With the advancement in technologies, it is now possible to book the bus tickets online too with various interfaces felicitating passengers and thereby increasing their convenience. You simply have to get online and the interactive websites fetch all your information in no more than a few seconds.

Buses that leave from Moga are many and they connect a lot of regions in and around the city in economical prices. The buses employed by the travel agents are generally the comfortable ones like Mercedes AC Seater and the fare of one such journey say from Moga to Chandigarh could cost 311 rupees with one of the travel agency’s bus. There are the Inter Sate Transport buses too that are at the disposal of the passengers. The bus depots are accessed by the locals conveniently by foot. Punjab Roadways has a significant contribution in connecting the people of Moga with the rest in affordable prices. The Moga Bus Stand is the hub of all activity for the buses that reach or depart from Moga. It is centrally located and is one of the busiest places in Moga.

Trains in Moga

There is no lack of connectivity of Moga with other regions through trains. The Moga Railway Station is one of the busiest stations in this part of the world. Jaipur ASR Express, Ndls Moga Sht, Ndls Shatabdi and The ASR Jaipur Express are some of the popular trains that pass through Moga.

Rail in Moga

This is not all there are other routes connecting Moga with other places like Bandikul, Ludhiana, Rajgarh, Charkhi Dadri, Sirsa, Ferozpur, Rewari, Khairthal, Rohtak and Delhi. One just has to ascertain the city that he/she wants to go to and all the pertaining information can be sought online about the trains that ply in that route.

Travelling between Moga and the capital city New Delhi is one of the busiest sectors. The distance between New Delhi to Moga is about 359 kilometers if one intends to take the road but with trains, one has to cover 398 kilometers from New Delhi to reach Moga. There are obviously no flights between New Delhi and Moga but the direct train that takes from New Delhi to Moga is the Moga Sht which takes about 7 hours and 5 minutes to reach Moga from New Delhi. Interestingly, it takes just the same amount of time from New Delhi to Moga by the bus but passenger reviews say that the fastest route is to take the Amritsar Shatabdi from New Delhi to Ludhiana and take the vehicular route to Moga. Bus fare from New Delhi to Moga is a sum of 425 rupees by State Transport Buses or the Punjab Roadways.

Other Means of Transport in Moga

Other than the buses and the trains, people within Moga either bank on their own vehicular transport or have the options of auto rickshaws to make it to their destinations. These are one of the cheapest modes of travel for the people of Moga within the city and the district. It is one of the swifter ways too because the size of  the vehicle makes it possible for it to get steered among the most constricted roads and takes passengers to their destinations in a jiffy.

There is always the option of rented taxis which ply within the region and also connects areas beyond the district. There are various travel agencies operating in the region and in other parts which have ready taxis for hire for the purpose of travelling. Although, the taxis could be regarded a tad expensive over the auto rickshaws yet they provide efficient means to connect and take people to their desired destinations.

The infrastructure of the city Moga and the district is such that individuals like to own a bicycle to cover distances within the city. There are also owner’s vehicles and jeeps which are maintained for private transport by the people who can afford to do so.
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